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Welcome to your new smart home.

Best Security Camera Installations in New York, NY Call Us Today A Free Quote : 718-678-0408.

Smart Doorbell Installation 

Talk to your portal visitors on your smartphone and enjoy enhanced convenience and security. Install a new door insulator and connect to your existing wireless network.

Wireless Camera Installation

Monitoring your home has never been easier. Mount the camera on the wall or ceiling, connect the system to your existing WiFi network and integrate your mobile device. Brackets are sold separately.

Smart Security Services

Wireless Camera Installation (2 to 8 cameras)    $99.99–$170.99 Included

Wired Camera Installation (1 to 8 cameras)          $99.99–$699.99Included


Floodlight Installation 

Smart Doorbell Installation    $99.99  Included

Smart Door Lock Installation $99.99 Included



Smart Home Services

Smart Thermostat Installation$99.99 Included

Smart Lighting Setup $99.99 Included

Voice Control Setup $99.99 Included

Smart Home Customization $99.99 Included

Networked Audio Hub Setup $149.99Included

Technology Reset  $149.99Included


Networking Services

Home Wi-Fi Setup $99.99 Included

Home Modem Setup $99.99

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