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IT Services Company | Technico

Discover why Technico is your top choice for IT support in Brooklyn:

Our team of expert IT professionals is dedicated to evaluating and resolving your ongoing technical challenges swiftly and effectively.

Here’s why you should choose Technico as your IT support provider:

  • Local Support: 24/7 technical support from our local team based in Brooklyn.

  • Service Guarantee: Guaranteed service levels with compensation for any downtime.

  • Comprehensive Support: Assistance across your entire technology and software stack.

  • Data Security: Regular data backups managed in a state-of-the-art local data center.

  • Rapid Resolution: Most support tickets resolved in under 22 minutes.

  • Improved Efficiency: Achieve a 40-60% reduction in IT issues within just 3 months.

With over15 years of experience, Technico stands out as a leading provider of technology solutions, helping businesses cut costs and achieve sustainable growth.

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