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Where is the best place to install security cameras?

Are you looking to improve your home security by installing multiple home security cameras? Not only do you think about which camera is right for you, but you also think about where to put those cameras. As the largest sales, installation and service organization in the industry, Technico has compiled a guide to all the places where a security camera can maximize your security and comfort.

Places you could use an indoor camera

  • High-traffic areas

  • Hallways

Places you could use an outdoor camera

  • Front door

  • Doorbell camera

  • Easy access points like a backdoor or first floor windows

  • Garages and driveways

  • Front and backyards

Top Benefits of Home Security Cameras for Four Demographics.

The usefulness of a home security camera depends on your location. Whether you are a landlord, tenant, landlord, or have family members or pets, all of these factors play an important role in assessing the needs of your home security camera system.

Interior Security Camera: Your front door is one of your home's first lines of defense, and it's important to have a good view. With the front porch closed, the camera should be installed in the corner opposite the entrance. Even if the front entrance is not blocked, the camera can be installed under the corner of the awning towards the front door. Both situations require the use of weatherproof cameras.

Another option for your front door is a video doorbell camera. If someone passes or a package is delivered, you can keep an eye on your entrance everywhere. With some setups you can even communicate with visitors via a mobile app.

Easy Entry Point: Your front door may not be the only front door you want to pay attention to. Many home security systems use cameras that target first-floor windows, basements, back doors, side doors, or accessible home entrances.

Garages and hallways: Protect your vehicle by installing a camera that can see your garage or hallway. Garages are another entrance worth monitoring to protect your home.

Front Yard & Back Yard: Whether you want to keep an eye on your kids while they play in your yard, or have pets that need to stay indoors, cameras installed to take care of your yard will let you know what's going on. However, with external cameras it is important to consider the privacy of others. The area you are monitoring should not include large areas outside your property.

Technico Outdoor Security Camera Options

Technico provides its customers with reliable and high quality outdoor security equipment. We cover everything from mounted and wireless video cameras to interactive doorbell cameras.

Technico Outdoor Security Camera: This camera provides high quality 720p HD images in ambient and overhead lighting. Weatherproof design, perfect for outdoor safety. Motion is also enabled so that it can receive the video clip whenever the camera sees motion.

Technico Video Doorbell Camera Solution: See who's at your door, monitor deliveries, and talk to anyone at your door with a doorbell camera. When recording in 720p HD video and connected to the Technico mobile app, it follows the two-way radio.

Best Place for Your Doorbell Camera.

It doesn't have to be difficult to position the doorbell camera in the right area. Treat doorbell cam mode the same as standard doorbell mode. When positioned correctly, the doorbell cam gives you a variety of surveillance points to cover sensitive areas of your home such as front and back doors. You can also use them at other private entrances like Airbnb or rental spaces to ensure the safety of your guests or tenants.

Best Places for Your Indoor Cameras.

While outdoor cameras monitor what is happening outside your home, indoor cameras keep you calm inside your home. Indoor cameras not only provide important information after a burglary, but also protect your family in other ways. Your security cameras inside are a great way to monitor children who may not be in the same room. You can also monitor your pets from anywhere using the security system connected to your mobile phone. Placing cameras in high-traffic locations, playgrounds, and your pet's favorite places will help ensure that you always know what's going on.

High-traffic areas: Areas such as the children's room, house entrances, kitchen and living room are all considered high-traffic areas. These are places where loved ones spend most of their time.

Halls: Your family photos hang in your halls. They are where you store your precious colors and your antique furniture. You want to make sure they are under surveillance if something is missing or broken

Unrestricted areas: Sensitive areas in your home, such as adult rooms and bathrooms, should not be restricted to cameras. It's not just an invasion of your family's privacy, it's also an invasion of privacy for everyone who visits your home and uses the property.

Unreachable: To prevent your cameras from shifting or lowering, the cameras must not be accessible or safe for mounting.

Technico Indoor Security Camera Options

For the security of the interior of your home, Technico offers some of the highest quality security cameras available. You can be sure that your family, pets and personal belongings will stay safe with Technico indoor security cameras. 720p HD video, whether in dark or dim environments, motion-enhanced video recording and live streaming directly to your phone or mobile device make these cameras a good choice for everyone. You can even receive alerts on your phone to alert you when cameras stop moving or doors open.

Things to Consider About Your Cameras

Now that you have a good idea of ​​where you can use the camera, you need to consider other considerations.

Wireless or wired: does the wireless system work for your needs, or do you have to rely on a wired system? Wireless systems require special maintenance because they are powered by batteries. Fortunately, Technico Pulse lets you control your battery power so you don't run out of juice. In the same vein, wired security requires extra effort during initial setup. Location near your router or Wi-Fi source: For wireless systems, make sure your router is receiving a sufficient signal. Otherwise, the camera shift may be blurred or stop working.

Indoor or outdoor: Indoor and outdoor cameras have different options and functions. Before you buy, decide what type of camera is right for your situation.

Reason for installation: Understanding why you want to install a security system will help you determine the right camera for the job. Whether it's your children now or keeping your pets from being bothered, knowing what's important to you can help you make the right decision.

Things to Keep in Mind After Installation

You spend a lot of time and energy making sure your system is fully configured, but there are a few things you need to consider before you consider a project complete.

Power and connectivity: After installing the cameras, you want to make sure everything is connected properly and working properly. Check the battery life of wireless systems and make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough to get a good picture. If you are plugging in the system, double-check that each part of the system is working properly and working properly.

Not Reachable: Place the cameras on an elevated location where they are inaccessible. The last thing you want after placing security cameras in the perfect place is for someone to move them intentionally or unintentionally. For families, keep it in an area where children are difficult to reach. For any other area where the cameras may be damaged, mounting is a good choice.

Angles: Using angles instead of the camera directly above the area you want to secure is a better way to cover a larger area. It also helps you overlap with your other security cameras, so there are no blind spots.

Lighting: For outdoor cameras, try to place them in places with less sunlight. Glare prevents you from taking a clear picture. Even in dark areas, you should consider cameras made for low light.

Call the professionals

Now that you know where you want to place the cameras in your house, contact Technico today so we can help you create the best possible security system. Our professional fitters are experts, most of whom have been in business for an average of nine years. We understand that you must set up your security system immediately. Therefore, we offer services on the same day as the next day. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have. Our customer support will be able to answer within a few rings and help.

You can be sure that if Technico installs your security system, it will work properly. After installing the system, we even offer a six-month warranty. Protect your family with Technico home security.


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