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Security Camera Installations: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Staten Island, New York NY.

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Technico Security is the leader in security camera installation in New York State. Our security cameras are known for their unbeatable prices, beautiful design and wide selection. If you want security cameras to help you secure your business or home at a much cheaper price, Technico Security is a company that installs security cameras that you can trust.

Security cameras today are not just for security purposes. Now a days, security cameras are a good marketing tool that can definitely help increase sales. Our security camera systems look professional and attractive enough to be displayed at any retail location, even when the camera is not turned on. If it looks good, customers will come back for more!

So how do I know which security system best suits my needs?

The security camera installation services have prepared a checklist below to ensure that you obtain security cameras that meet your needs.

1) Specify the terrain to shoot. Do you have an indoor or outdoor security camera? If you have an indoor security camera, it is a good idea to place security cameras in high-traffic areas, such as next to cash registers and entrances. These security cameras should also be placed close to all valuables so that you can protect them remotely.

If the security camera is to be used outdoors, make sure it can withstand heat and cold. It also helps when a security camera is placed around it so that criminals cannot see it immediately.

2) Specify how long you are ready to record security camera footage. There are security cameras that record continuously, while some security systems only start recording when a security breach occurs (eg "motion active security cameras"). Make sure you choose the one that best suits your purpose and keep your recordings for at least fifteen days. You may want to consider purchasing security cameras with cloud storage so that you can store more of these valuable security videos on a remote server.

3) Find out if you need safety shoes. If there is a possibility of physical injury, it is advisable to purchase safety shoes to protect yourself from injury when handling installation work. Or if not, we recommend that someone else install!

If you do not want to install the security system yourself, security camera installation services are also available, so you can install security cameras now!

4) Determine the size of the security camera. The best way to hide these security cameras is to paint them with colors that are the same as their background. Criminals will not find these security cameras once they enter your land! You need. If you use security cameras only for indoor purposes, then it is advisable to buy small security cameras. These security cameras can be easily placed anywhere, but still provide a clear picture of what is happening in the building. If there is a possibility of security breaches outside, then it is best to keep your security camera hidden around it. These security cameras are usually larger, so it's best to paint them with colors that are the same as their surroundings.

5) Identify the security features of the security camera.

- Security camera covers: if your security camera is used outdoors, then you really need security cameras that are not waterproof or have a weatherproof cover, so this security system will last outdoors for many years. These security cameras can also withstand extreme temperatures (-22 ° F to 140 ° F). - Smoke detectors / Alarms: these security cameras should also have smoke detectors installed as detectors if something is too hot. This security feature is proof that Technico is prepared for any external security emergencies that may occur!

6) Determine if you want or have wired wireless security cameras. Wireless cameras mean a short installation time, but it is possible that the signals are weakened or security images may be blocked by walls or metal. Wired security cameras differ from wireless security cameras in that they have an easy installation process, but there is a possibility that security images will be captured by physical objects.

is the reliability of the company you choose.


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