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Ring's Latest Video Doorbell Offers Three Times Longer Battery Life

Ring has recently announced a new video doorbell, which they claim is the most significant update to their wireless video doorbell lineup. The 2023 model offers longer battery life, higher resolution video, and wider viewing angles, allowing you to see more of your front porch. If you're interested in the new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, read on to learn about its features, pricing, and more.

What's New in the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus?

The most recent Ring video doorbell shares nearly all the features of the prior wireless version, while also addressing some of its most significant issues. The Doorbell Battery Plus boasts improved video resolution, wider viewing angles, and a substantially extended battery lifespan.

Bigger, Better Battery

Ring's latest video doorbell is said to have a battery life that's up to three times longer than the first video doorbell launched by the company in 2011. Interestingly, Ring did not make any changes to the battery itself. Instead, the company claims that it utilized "energy-saving features" by tweaking the device's software.

While Ring advertises that its batteries usually last between 6-12 months with normal usage, numerous customers have reported that their video doorbell's battery drains much quicker. Therefore, this new model with extended battery life will be a welcome upgrade for those who frequently have to recharge their battery.

Head-to-Toe View

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus boasts a 150-degree by 150-degree field of view, making it the first wireless doorbell from Ring to have a square video. This new model allows users to see more of their guests, from head to toe, in comparison to the previous generation which had a 160-degree by 84-degree field of view.

(Image Source: Ring, Ring)

Package Alerts

Thanks to the expanded field of view of the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, users can now make full use of the Package Alert feature. This feature is designed to detect when a package has been left in a specified area and will send an alert to the user, providing information on the delivery time. With this feature, users can stay up to date on the arrival of their packages and take the necessary actions to ensure their safety.

(Image Source: Ring, Ring)

To use the Package Alert feature on the Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, users must create a designated Package Zone, enable motion settings, and have an active Ring Protect subscription. Without these requirements, the Package Alert feature will not be available.

Improved video quality/Higher Resolution

The Doorbell Battery Plus by Ring features the highest video resolution of any wireless model previously released by the company. Unlike the previous model that had a video resolution of 1080p, the new Doorbell Battery Plus has an improved resolution of 1536p. This higher resolution will enable the latest video doorbell by Ring to provide a more detailed view of any activity taking place at the front door.

Although the square aspect ratio and high resolution are new to Ring's wireless doorbells, they are the same specifications found on the Ring Pro 2. However, the Doorbell Battery Plus is priced around $70 cheaper than the Ring Pro 2.

Price and Release Date of the New Ring Battery Doorbell Plus.

The new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus can be pre-ordered now, but it won't be available until April 5th. It comes with a starting price of $179.99, which is $20 more expensive than the company's previous model, the Ring Video Doorbell, that was first released in 2021.

(Image Source: Ring, Ring)

If you are considering buying the new Ring Battery Doorbell Plus, it may be worth getting it with a Ring Chime. This device will enable you to hear a traditional "ding-dong" sound every time someone presses the doorbell button.

If you require assistance with the installation of your new Ring Video Doorbell, Technico is here to help. We have skilled technicians located in your area who can come to your home as soon as today to install any smart home devices you may have. Our technicians will also provide you with a tutorial on using the app and answer any other questions you may have. With our assistance, you can feel confident to start using your new device right away.


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