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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Surveillance Camera?

Updated: Apr 7, 2023

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Surveillance Camera?

Security camera systems cost an average of $1,330 to install, with typical ranges from $620 to $2,040.

When you have your own home, family, and family, there are few things that are more calming than the security of your camera. The camera can be used anywhere, at home, outdoors or indoors and can be successful any part of the way.

If you need a decent camera set up, the average payment method is $1,330. However, it can range from $600 to $2,000. Or, if you install it, you could end up spending a whopping $100.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Security System per Camera?

$ 150 to $ 200 per camera, to install a wired system, about $ 100 per camera for wireless systems.

Generally, you need:

  • Bell camera

  • The camera is part of the back of the house

  • The camera is in front of the house

  • One or two cameras to cover important areas in their homes

As a result, a full safety system for a typical homeowner is the cost of 400 to US $ 1000 for cameras.

Please note that special devices to turn on camera are also required, so it is not the only cost. Once the system is installed, it is a year for each camera is added.

What Kind of a Security Camera System Can I Get On My Budget?

Whatever you spend, you can usually find a camera that fits your budget.


For example, if you want to monitor your doorstep while you are at work, you do not have to spend a lot of money on a large security camera system. In this case, you only need to buy one security camera.

300 dollars

At this price, you can set up a basic monitoring system by doing all the work directly. It provides three cameras, a basic video monitor, hard drive storage, and software. $ 1,300

This is the average cost of home monitoring system. Remember this, this should bring 3 to five cameras with all devices, software and storage when you install the camera system for you.

$ 2000

This is generally higher at the end of the 4-5 camera system. This advanced software is advanced, good video monitor, many stores and high quality cameras are provided instead of experts.

$ 4000 +

If you want the best money system, many cameras need a lot of cameras to shoot more bills than these figures. The main reason for this is the rapid increase in the number of cameras.

Security Camera System Prices

In addition to the camera, you need other equipment and software. Below is a brief analysis of the cost of each device.

  • Camera: $ 20– $ 70

  • Video monitor: $ 50 – $ 200

  • Hard disk storage for shooting: $ 50 – $ 100

  • Cable: $ 15 – $ 30

  • Surveillance system software: $ 50– $ 100

Therefore, with a 4-5 camera system, you may have to pay $ 245-780 for the equipment that operates the camera.

Security Camera Installation Labor Cost

About 50% to 70% of the cost of this project will come from labor. So for an average $1,330 security system installation, you might pay only $650 to $1000 for labor.

However, they do more than just position the cameras. A local CCTV company will come to your home, identify the areas you want to monitor, install a hard drive and video monitor for you, install the cameras and make sure everything is working properly.

Security Camera System Cost Factors

There are three important factors that go into the cost of security cameras. The number of cameras you need, the quality of the cameras you buy, and whether you installed the cameras professionally or yourself.

Number of Cameras

The largest element that affects the price of the camera is the number of the necessary cameras. All cameras require 100 to 200 US dollars, so this money is needed for all necessary cameras. If you want to cover all the angles to cover a large or house, you are ideal for the safety of your camera and require over 4-5 cameras.

Quality of Cameras

There are several cameras to choose from, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages - and a price tag. Some cameras cost close to $ 100, while others cost up to $ 20.


It takes time and effort to identify the best location, set up the camera, connect it to the hard drive, and watch the video. And since most of the equipment itself is very cheap, it will cost a significant portion of your investment.

Setup can account for around 50-70% of your security camera installation budget, so working alone will save you that money

Cost to Install Security Cameras Yourself

Security upgrades can cost up to $200 per camera. However, you can buy wired and wireless cameras online for as low as $20 and as low as $50. This means you can save up to $150 on each camera, or around $600-750 for a regular system.

And it's a project you can do yourself. There's no reason not to set up your own camera if you know how to set up your hard drive and video monitor and hook it all up together. However, if you're faced with a challenge or need a security expert to help you figure out how to best cover your home with a camera to get the most out of it, we recommend contacting an expert. At the very least, find a security camera company near you, get advice and terms, and consider your options.

FAQs About Surveillance Cameras

Can I save money installing security cameras myself?

Upgrading your own security camera can save you more than half the cost of a project, and modern cameras are a great consumer product that's a great job for yourself.

What are the benefits of hiring someone to install security cameras?

Here is a project that you can easily do yourself. However, a security camera company can give you advice on where to place the best camera, making sure all your lenses are set up correctly and putting your best efforts into it.

What is the least amount of money I could spend and still install a basic camera system?

It can cost as little as $30 on a camera that can see a specific area. No need to buy software, hardware, cables, etc. Simply connect wirelessly to the app on your phone and you'll see your food at all times.


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