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2022 How Much Does It Cost to Mount a TV?

Updated: May 1, 2022

The national average price for a TV wall is $125, with prices ranging from $110 to $137. However, the price to be charged depends on many factors. However, you can get a clear message by contacting your nearest TV wall and requesting a free quote.

TV wall mounting cost:

National average cost $125

Average cost range $110-$137

Low-end cost $80

High-end cost $321

If you need to install a new TV in your living room, you probably already know that you need help assembling it correctly. It is normal to be nervous about this task and it is very normal to have someone help with this task. This is often best entrusted to professionals as they have the right skills to protect the TV properly. Let them fix things so you can put your worries aside and relax with your favorite movie.

What's in this cost guide?

  • Hourly vs. flat rates

  • What would a standard TV wall mount cost to install?

  • Does a tilting TV mount or articulating bracket affect cost?

  • Does TV size matter?

  • Will my wall type affect the project cost?

  • Home theater and surround sound systems

Certain factors can affect the cost of professional TV installation services. Flatscreen TVs of all sizes can be installed on a variety of surfaces, including stone, plaster, brick, wood, drywall, and concrete. A local expert will tell you if you can use an existing outlet in your room or if you need to consider installing a new outlet.

Hourly vs. flat rates

Handyman will generally charge an hourly rate for its services, but TV assembly companies generally pay based on the type of assembly and the complexity of the cable.

Here are some examples of hourly and hourly rates:

  • Handyman Business Creative Magnificence pays $70 to $90 for the first hour, then $9 to $11 every 15 minutes thereafter.

  • Handyman business 123 Assembly charges $75 per hour or per service agreement. Handyman Jared costs $109 an hour.

  • Josh's TV edit charges a flat rate of $80 to $150 depending on the content of the project.

What would a standard TV wall mount cost to install?

In most cases, a standard TV mounting service means that the client supplies the mounting apparatus, and then the professional just does the work of attaching the TV to a wall. Prices usually go up if the pro also installs the audio-video wires and connects the TV to the wall or ceiling. For example, basic installation costs $50 but additional wiring and installation cost $69.

  • Basic mount with the A/V wires showing (not installed behind the wall): $50

  • Basic mount with A/V wires installed in the wall: $69

Does a tilting TV mount or articulating bracket affect cost?

Tilting TV mounts and articulation brackets allow for movement of TVs after they've been mounted to walls. This requires more time, effort and sometimes materials to install. Therefore, this increases the cost.

  • Tilting bracket and mounting service package: $70

  • Articulating bracket and mounting service package: $110

Does TV size matter?

TVs are usually mounted using brackets attached to walls. Some people use wall anchors while others use screws. The price depends on the type of bracket used. Most companies charge an hourly or fixed fee based on the size of the TV.

Will my wall type affect the project cost?

Walls made out of brick, concrete or stone are harder to install in-wall audio video cords than those made out of wood. You should get professional help if you need to install an in-wall A/C cord. Living rooms usually have hard surfaces, so installing TV wall mounts is easier. Harder walls are generally more expensive than soft ones. But no matter what kind of wall you use, TVs are always very heavy. You should hire professionals to mount your TV.

Home theater and surround sound systems

Home theater owners should be aware that there are different types of A/V experts. Some specialize in audio while others focus on video. You might want to ask your local cable company if they have an A/V specialist available. If they do, they may be willing to give you a free estimate.


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