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Revolutionizing Surveillance: The Power of AI Security Cameras


AI security cameras are advanced IP cameras equipped with video analytics software that enables them to perform functions such as person detection, face detection, vehicle detection, people counting, traffic counting, and license plate recognition.


Technico AI cameras can operate as standalone devices and record to an SD card, or they can be connected to a Technico network video recorder (NVR) to create a multi-camera AI system that records to a central hard drive. However, only specific models of Technico AI cameras are capable of license plate recognition/automated number plate recognition (ANPR).

The most popular use of AI cameras is to use their object detection functionality to trigger video recording and alarm alerts, such as mobile app push notifications. Other popular applications include people counting, facial recognition, and license plate reading.

Technico IP cameras are compatible with their hybrid BNC DVRs, but the AI software is ONLY included on NVRs, and you cannot use third-party NVRs to take advantage of the AI software built into these cameras.

Technico offers 4mp resolution Viewtron AI cameras at present, and their 4KAI camera product line is expected to launch in 2022. Audio surveillance microphones are built into some camera models, and the audio runs over the network using the existing network cable that the camera uses for video and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The human detection function works with both small and large people, including children and toddlers. You can record only when alarm events are triggered, such as object detection, or record 24/7 at a lower resolution and frame rate, and a higher resolution and frame rate during AI-triggered alarm events like people detection.

There are no ongoing subscription or software licensing fees for Technico surveillance systems. Remote access to view cameras is optional, and a user name and password are required to access it. Technico surveillance systems are self-contained, and all the software runs on IP cameras and NVR. They do not need to be connected to the internet or any external servers/cloud service for the AI functions.

All of Technico AI events support triggering push notifications to the Android and iPhone mobile apps. However, a single AI camera can only perform one type of AI function at a time. Only specialized LPR cameras support license plate recognition and detection.

Technico Security supplies auto-tracking PTZ cameras with AI, and AI-triggered events are displayed in real-time on Technico NVRs through the target detection window.

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