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easy to install wireless outdoor security cameras

Technico Security System LLC

1.Business & Commercial Security Cameras installation

Technico Security Systems provides businesses with complete security solutions, including physical access control systems, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, intrusion alarms, and other services. We will help you design and install a comprehensive security system that meets your needs and budget.

Security Solutions For Your Business

Protect and manage your employees, assets, and properties while taking advantage of the many benefits of an effective access control system.

Intercom Systems

We offer a wide range of video intercoms to accommodate every budget featuring cutting-edge technology: IP cameras, HD cameras, wireless intercoms, intercoms with remote control, intercoms with apps, etc. Our team will help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems are the best way to secure your property. We provide hardware and software solutions for all types of businesses, including retail stores, banks, hospitals, government buildings, schools, universities, casinos, hotels, office buildings, industrial facilities, military bases, airports, and other commercial properties. Our products include door locks, card readers, video surveillance systems, access control panels, wireless sensors, alarms, and more.

Video Surveillance

Protect your business 24/7. Monitor your business from any device. Installing the most up-to-date security cameras and video surveillance systems will help prevent theft, monitor employees and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. Our team of experts will install your system quickly and efficiently. We also provide ongoing service and support for all our products.


Integrated security systems give businesses the ability to remotely monitor and manage all aspects within the premises. These systems integrate the advanced capabilities of the newest entry systems, access control, video surveillance and other technologies. By combining them, you get a single platform that provides greater insight than either system on its own. Access control and video surveillance can also be used together at any given time, from any location to provide greater insight than either system can on its own. For example, if someone tries to enter the premises through the front door, access control can lock the door while video surveillance records the event. If the same person attempts to leave the premises through the back door, access control can unlock the door while video surveillance captures the event. You can then review the footage later to see who was trying to leave and why.

2. Residential Buildings

We offer a range of products and services to help you manage your property. We provide access control systems, video surveillance, fire alarms, door locks, and other equipment. Our goal is to give you peace of mind and ensure that your property is safe.


Home safety is an essential part of living in modern society. A well-designed security system will help you stay protected from potential threats. If you own a residential property, you should consider installing a security system. You may also wish to install cameras around your house to monitor suspicious activity.

Building Security Solutions

Technico provides comprehensive security solutions for homeowners and businesses. We provide professional installation, service, and repairs of alarm systems, video surveillance, access control, fire alarms, and other security products. Our technicians are trained professionals who will ensure that your home or office is protected 24/7. Technico also offers complete commercial security packages for small businesses, large corporations, and government agencies.

  • Residential access control system with card / App

  • Audio/video intercom system for residential buildings with remote control from your smartphone, tablet, or PC

  • Wireless outdoor and indoor security cameras systems

  • Alarm and camera monitoring systems

  • Door Entry System with electronic locks

Complete Residential Building Security

Technico Security Systems offers complete security solutions. Whether you need a simple alarm system or a sophisticated system that incorporates the latest technologies, we will provide you with the best advice and install the right solution for your needs. Our team of experts will help you plan, and then install the latest security methods and technology for total peace of mind!

3. Schools & Educational Facilities Security camera installation

Educational institutions have special security concerns and need special security solutions. At Technico Security Systems, we understand that not all businesses are alike. That’s why our team of highly trained, licensed, and experienced professionals will work with you and your institution to design a customized security solution that fits your specific needs.

Provides security systems to educational institutions around the New York City Area. Systems installed and maintained include: ​

  • Intercom & Door Entry Systems

  • School Lockdown Security Systems

  • Door Access Control Systems

  • Security Cameras Systems (CCTV)

  • Alarm systems & Monitoring

  • Security Management Systems & Control Room

On-Site Security Evaluation

We understand that schools need to keep students safe while also providing them with the tools they need to succeed. We provide school districts with a comprehensive suite of products including video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, fire suppression, and emergency notification systems. Our team works hard to ensure that every product we offer meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve the way we serve you. If there is something we can do to help, please let us know!

4. Hotels & Hospitality Facilities


We understand that being responsible for a property means you need to keep an eye on everything. You need to ensure that all areas are secure and protected at all times. We also understand that there are many different types of threats out there, and you need to protect against them all. That’s why we provide our services across the entire spectrum of security needs. From fire alarms to CCTV cameras, we can help you design, install and upgrade a complete network and security solution for your property.


Security is an important aspect of any hotel or hospitality operation. Guests expect to feel safe while staying at a hotel or resort, and guests should not be subjected to unwanted intrusions or threats. Security measures must be implemented to ensure guest safety and prevent unwanted visitors. Hotel and hospitality facilities need to implement a comprehensive security system to protect against unwanted visitors, theft, and other potential dangers. We offer services to design, install and upgrade a complete network and security solution for your hotel or hospitality establishment in the New York City region.



Technico Hotel Solutions provides consultation, planning, installation, and service of a wide variety of hospitality facility security systems and services for hotels and hospitality facilities throughout New York City and surrounding areas.


We'll review your current systems and help you determine what you need to keep and what you should replace. We'll also provide recommendations for additional features and equipment that may be required.

  • Access Control Systems with Card Technology

  • Audio/Video Intercoms with Remote Smartphone, Tablet or PC Control

  • Wireless Indoor and Outdoor Hotel and Hospitality Security Platforms

  • Security Camera Systems (CCTV, HD, Wireless/IP, Analogue, Surveillance)

  • Facility Management with Electronic Locking Devices

  • Communication, Notification and Access Control Systems


Technico Security provides a full range of services designed to help businesses protect themselves against cyber threats. We offer a suite of products and services including web site security, mobile device management, network security, physical access control, video surveillance, intrusion prevention systems, firewalls, wireless LANs, remote monitoring and many other technologies. Our goal is to help our customers stay ahead of the game by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to keep their information safe and secure.

4:Construction Site Security Systems & Services

Construction equipment and metal theft is a huge problem in New York City. Millions of dollars are lost every year due to this issue. Contractors need to protect their projects from thieves and other hazards. There are also issues of injuries and entry by unauthorized workers which can lead to additional costs and delays.

Top Reasons You Must Have A Security System Installed


Vandalism happens all around us. Whether it is a vandal breaking into your car, stealing your belongings or even destroying your house, vandalism is something we must deal with every day. Vandals often target buildings because they are easy targets. However, there are ways to prevent vandalism before it starts. Advanced construction site security will help you keep your property safe.


People are always looking for ways to get ahead and make money. When there is an opportunity, people will take advantage. Construction site theft is one of those opportunities. Construction site theft is very easy to combat with the latest in construction surveillance and security technologies.

Contract Disruption

Security is an important aspect of any business. Any disturbance whether it's from external, internal, or unforeseeable events is detrimental to productivity and efficient operations. Proper security measures and channels can help prevent disruptions and interruptions.

Digital Documentation

Security cameras and entry access control system are essential tools when working on a construction site. These devices allow you to monitor all areas of the site at any time. If someone tries to break in, the camera will capture them and alert you immediately. You can also track the movements of workers and contractors through the software provided by the company. This allows you to keep an eye on everyone and ensure safety.

Labor Protection

Construction sites are often dangerous places to work. Accidents happen frequently and there are many ways for them to occur. Security guards are an important part of keeping workers safe at construction sites. Properly trained and equipped guards can help prevent accidents and keep workers safe.

5. Property Management

Technico provides comprehensive property management services to both commercial and residential clients. We offer our clients a full suite of services including 24/7 monitoring, video surveillance, access control, fire suppression, intrusion detection, and other systems. Our team of experts will help you design and install a system that meets your needs and budget.

  • Security design and installation services including video surveillance and monitoring systems access control solutions,

  • intercommunication systems and alarms. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for management companies long term video storage

  • to help protect from liability concerns (e. g. unwarranted lawsuits and fraudulant injury claims) Comprehensive periodic Security Risk Assessments

  • We provide state-of-the-art security solutions which offer the highest levels of security and control to meet your specific requirements and budget.

Property managers face an increasingly complex array of threats today. These threats range from theft and vandalism to liability disputes and violent crime. Property managers need a solution that provides them with the tools necessary to protect their properties and asset


We understand that every property has different security requirements. We'll work with you to assess what those requirements are, and then we'll design, install, monitor, and manage a secure system to help you make smarter decisions about your operations.


Our remote security solutions provide full access and control. Whether you need to reset codes, watch live footage, or manage users remotely, we offer comprehensive remote security management services. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and alerting, allowing you to keep an eye on your property at all times.

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