Security Camera Installation Cost

Security camera installation cost runs an average of $1,350. Most jobs range between $700 and $2,100.

Wired systems cost less for parts but more for installation, at about $150-$200 per camera, compared to their wireless counterparts at about $100 per camera. CCTV packages run from $70 to $300 while IP systems range from $60-$300.

Surveillance camera installation cost factors The price for professional installation can vary depending on system type, number of cameras and type of cameras. Security systems can be wireless or wired and IP or CCTV. Most systems have multiple cameras with either cloud (NVR) or on-site (DVR) storage. They can also include motion detectors, improved resolution, professional monitoring and night-vision capabilities. Increased options mean increased complexity and increased costs, but installing any type of security system can save you money on home insurance.

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Other variables will affect final cost, such as the size of your home. A large home means more cameras that are higher quality with better resolution and field of vision. Do you want 360-degree coverage of your home or only certain areas? Don’t forget about internal cameras, which are less expensive as they don't need to be weatherproof. Wired-in security cameras require a more time-consuming installation, upping your overall cost. This is a delicate job that requires a Pro. Finally, do you want your cameras monitored or unmonitored? A monitored security service takes longer to install; it provides 24-hour monitoring and other upgrades for a monthly fee.

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