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Network Operations Center

Data Network Cabling & Wiring Brooklyn, NY.

Technico Security Systems llc . is able to work with every type of communications cabling, including fiber optic cable and wiring, as well as wireless network devices.


Our technicians are trained and certified to install. Technico Security Systems llc . provides structured cabling for computer networks and voice, coax, data cabling and fiber optic cabling solutions for companies and organizations of all sizes.

Our offerings are conceptualized, implemented and delivered keeping in mind the entire suite of services:

  • LAN management, WAN management

  • WLAN management

  • Unified Communications

  • IPT

  • VoIP

  • IP Contact Center management

  • Network Operations Center

  • Network System Integration Services

  • Network Consulting Services

  • Network Implementation Services

  • Security Camera Installation Service

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