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 IP Cameras Installed In Brooklyn NY

Do you need an IP security camera installed in Brooklyn, NY? Technico Security let BBB get A + score! Do not accept anything small. If you are looking for an IP security camera installation in Brooklyn NY, Technico Security provides residents and business owners with research, installation and service, everything you need about a network IP camera. Of course, no other company offers the complete security solution we offer at an affordable price. Call us today at: (718) 962-2976 for a free safety check.


IP camera is compatible with analog CCTV camera. An IP camera is a digital video camera used for surveillance that can receive and send messages to the Internet or computer networks, such as Ethernet. It is a device connected to the network that runs the embedded operating system. They use a standard network cable, which makes the use of coaxial cable unnecessary.

Where do IP Cameras Get Installed In Businesses ?
IP cameras normally get installed on entrances/exits, inventory rooms, cover of cash registers and cashiers, and sales floor offices.

Where do IP cameras get installed in homes?
They are installed in near entrances, exits, driveway, backyard, front yard and sides of the house.

What Are the Advantages of IP Video Surveillance Cameras?

  • Ability to send video and images to virtually anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • IP cameras are compatible with pre-existing home networks.

  • Provides superior image quality when extracted from a video.

  • Offers an assortment of megapixel options that enables a photo to remain clear – even when zoomed.

  • Provides wireless encryption, so the network is more secure and experiences less interference.

  • These are just a handful of advantages of using IP surveillance cameras.

Some Facts About IP Cameras:

  • Box IP cameras are your traditional looking cameras typically installed indoors. If they are installed outdoors they require a weatherproof housing enclosure typically infrared night vision are not built in to this camera.

  • Dome or Bullet IP cameras are most commonly used. They typically have infrared night vision built in are weather proof. Some Dome IP cameras are vandal proof and perfect for environments where you are worried about criminals damaging the cameras.

  • Vandal Proof IP Domes are built with a metal housing that can withstand a blow from a hammer and protect the lens from physical abuse. Vandal Proof cameras are typically installed in areas such as parking garage, warehouse, and in & outside building.

  • IP cameras are usually installed with CAT5 or CAT6 wiring.

  • Hi Definition IP megapixel cameras can be 1, 2, 3 megapixels all the way up to an Avigilon, manufacturer of high end IP cameras, 29 megapixel camera . A camera of that resolution would need a tremendous amount of hand drive space because the recording file size is enormous. Therefore, 29 megapixel cameras are rarely used. The most common types of hi Def MP cameras are usually 1.3 mp, 2mp & 3mp.

  • Hi Def IP cameras have better quality resolution than traditional analog cameras and are the wave of the future. A 3 megapixel IP camera gives upwards of 600% better quality resolution than a standard analog camera.

  • Great resolution. The higher the megapixel the better the resolution 2mp has 2x the resolution of 1 mp.

  • Fixed or Vari Focal Lens: A fixed lens is factory set and cannot be adjusted.

  • A vari-focal lens allows you to manually adjust the lens. These are better in allowing you to adjust the field of view.

  • Compression: MJPEG, MJPEG4 & H. 264 (H. 264 is the best compression).

  • Auto Iris Lens- the iris of the lens is automatically adjusted by the camera allowing more or less light required by the sensor of the camera. This is better than a manual iris lens where you have to manually adjust the iris.

What Qualities Should a Brooklyn NY IP Camera Installer Demonstrate?

Technico Security = A+ Rated  
A professional IP camera installer should be able to set up your camera system and make certain the cameras are adjusted property in order to aim and focus on a particular area or subject. At Technico Security Systems, our certified video surveillance camera installers will not only install your security cameras properly, we will make sure your property is left in good condition upon completion of our project. We are A+Rated! Accept Nothing Less.

 IP security camera systems for businesses in Brooklyn NY
Whether you need to install an IP camera in your financial institution, warehouse, restaurant or home office, our cameras are specially designed for a variety of functions. . Our camera systems cover a wide range of areas such as garages, parking lots, point of sale and more. You can rest assured that your office or business products will be protected.

IP Security Camera Systems for Homes in Brooklyn NY
Owners and Homeowners: Our digital IP cameras provide Brooklyn residents peace of mind at an affordable price. IP cameras allow you to monitor inside and outside your home from your computer, tablet or smartphone. Best of all, it's detachable and easy to use.

Contact Our IP Surveillance Camera Installations Company Today


Technico Security is a full service IP cameras security camera systems company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. For a free estimate, contact us or give us a call at: (718) 962-2976

We will come out to your home or place of business and provide you with a comprehensive security evaluation and a free estimate. When you’re ready to move forward, our technicians will install your IP camera system and ensure that it has optimal functionality. We are proud to provide Brooklyn with top brands and the latest in security camera technology



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What Are IP Cameras (also known as Network IP Cameras)?

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