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Smart Home Services: Installation, Set Up & Support 

Home automation refers to being able to control multiple systems within a residence using one device or a remote. Users can adjust the temperature of different rooms, turn lights on and off, and even lock doors and garages from within the home or even while away from the building.

Home automation has come a long way from the original systems which only worked in certain places. People can now also control devices like their televisions, radios, and other smart devices once automation is done correctly.

While installation of a single device like a smart thermostat can be a DIY project, complete system installations and integration of all devices and electronics with software is best left to professionals. Experts have the know-how to program the software and overcome unforeseen issues like a weak wireless network as well as recommend specific technologies you may not be aware of.

If you're interested in home automation, Call us (718) 678-0408 .

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