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Video Surveillance Systems are an integral part of any New York City building/store/organization’s security system. Closed Circuit Cameras let you monitor sensitive and critical locations around your facility, prevent crime or merchandise loss, record and report employees or tenant’s fraudulent activity and give you some peace of mind knowing you can view and monitor your assets from wherever you are at any time.


As we work with only the best brands in the industry you can expect all of our cameras to be very high quality and feature IR night vision, vandal resistance, weatherproof capabilities, motion detection, tampering alarm and more. We always make sure to choose the right cameras for the right surveillance systems.

Some of the types of security cameras we install:

  • Dome cameras – suitable mostly for ceiling installation and abuse-prone areas.

  • Bullet cameras – suitable mostly for sidewall installation.

  • Fish-Eye cameras – gives us a wide angle look and more field of view

  • Varifocal lens cameras – allows the user to use optical zoom in order to close in on small details in the image.

  • PTZ cameras – allows the user to Pan-Tilt-Zoom the camera in almost any direction he wishes.


Even though there’s a lot to consider when purchasing a new CCTV Security Camera System you don’t have to be a tech-savvy in order to make the right choices. Our CCTV specialists are here to help you with all of that! We offer a FREE of charge or commitment consultation meeting where we will go over your requirements and together with you prioritize your needs, then we will be happy to send you few proposals that hopefully meet all your expectations.

Our services include: Residential Surveillance systems, Commercial Surveillance Systems, Analog Cameras, IP cameras, DVR, NVR, Cloud Storage, Remote Viewing, PTZ Cameras.


  • Deters crime, theft and break-ins

  • Increases perimeter or localized security

  • Discourages vandals, trespassers and illegal behavior

  • Captures visual evidence – a valuable investigative tool

  • Promotes safety

  • Improves employee productivity

  • Prevents dishonest premises liability claims

  • Monitors visitor entry and exit

  • Helps personnel maintain crowd control

  • Enhances building or restricted area security

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