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easy to install wireless outdoor security cameras

Technico Security System LLC

Security Camera Installation Staten Island

Serving Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County

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Techno Security Systems provides professional video surveillance services throughout New York City, Long Island, NJ and other areas in the area. Our team of experts will help you choose the right system for your needs and install it correctly. We also offer 24/7 monitoring and remote access to ensure your cameras are working properly.


Technico Security Systems offers a wide range of services to ensure your safety and security. We install security cameras in homes and businesses, both indoor and outdoor. These can be installed in any area of your home or business, including inside and outside. You can watch what happens through your home or office security camera system live, or review footage later if there is an incident. Our professional staff can install a complete video surveillance system, including low voltage wiring, to ensure that everything works correctly. This allows you to monitor your property at all times, whether you're at home or away. Contact us today to learn more about our services.


We provide security camera installation services to residents of all five boroughs of New York City. Our technicians are available 24/7 to ensure that you receive the best possible service when it comes to installing security cameras. We offer free estimates and will come out to your location within an hour of receiving your request. We are also happy to recommend the right security cameras for your needs based on the applications you wish to utilize. Call today to learn more!



You need to consider your budget when purchasing security cameras. If you're looking at a DIY setup, you may end up spending more money than if you had hired professionals to install the system. When installing security cameras, you'll also want to think about the type of surveillance you need. For example, if you plan on using the cameras to monitor an office space, you'll want to get motion sensors that will alert you whenever someone enters or exits the room.


We offer complete security camera installations in New York City, Brooklyn, Long Island, and NJ. We handle everything from mounting the cameras, providing the low voltage wiring, and installing all of the other components to ensuring that you have a fully functional security camera system. We will also train you on how to use the security camera system so you know how to adjust the camera angles, view the live footage, and view the recorded footage. This allows you to remain aware of any potential threats and keep an eye out for anything suspicious. Our team of installers is knowledgeable, reliable, and experienced within the security industry.


We are proud to offer our services to homeowners and businesses across New York City. Our team of experts will listen to your needs and wants, and then create an installation plan that works perfectly for your property. We will ask you some basic questions about your property, your location, and what you need to be done. Once we understand your situation, we will give you a quote for the installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.718-678-0408


You should always keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your office. If someone breaks into your office, you will need to get the police involved immediately. A professional security company like ours can help you monitor your office 24/7. Our team of trained professionals will ensure that everything is running smoothly. We can also provide you with video footage of the break-in if necessary.


Security cameras aren't just useful for keeping an eye out for criminals. They're also great for businesses looking to protect their profits. Employees and customers alike may be willing to steal from you because you don't have any security cameras in place. If there are security camera systems in place, it can discourage and catch thieves before they even enter your premises. You can also keep track of all activity at your company through video recordings. This will allow you to determine whether or not someone is stealing from you. It can also help you identify potential problems within your business. For example, if you notice a lot of employees leaving early, you might want to investigate why this is happening.


If you are looking for an office security camera system, then you need to call Technico Security Systems LLC. Our team of experts will be able to answer all of your questions and provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. Once you have made your decision, we will be able to schedule our team to come out to your location and get everything installed. From there, you will be able to have more peace of mind because you will know that you can minimize break-ins, and vandalism, and protect yourself against theft. You will also be able to see what is going on around your facility at all times. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. 718-678-0408


Low voltage wiring is a must in New York City. It is the solution for cabling and electrical wiring, and our professional team can handle the entire installation. We will also provide ongoing guidance to make sure that your surveillance system is working properly so that you get the greatest return on your investment.


Our team of professionals offers low-voltage wiring services for your security camera systems. This helps ensure that your security camera systems are fully functional in terms of being powered and connected to a full network. Our technicians have a significant level of experience when it comes to low voltage wiring and this is something a professional should always help with. DIY wiring can cause serious issues, especially if you are unfamiliar with building codes as well as electrical components. We are here to help you every step of the way, providing enough wiring so that it is properly installed and integrated into your home or office. We provide sufficient wiring to allow for proper monitoring and will wire everything neatly and document everything for you. We also provide full documentation of what we did to help with troubleshooting, expansion, and anything else you may need. Call us today to learn more about our low voltage wiring services in NYC.


Low voltage wiring is the best way to wire your home or business. Low voltage wiring provides many advantages including reliability, scalability, and efficiency. When properly installed, it will meet your needs now and in years to come. Low voltage wiring is safe and meets all codes and regulations. If you need help installing your low voltage wiring, call Techmico Security installation. We offer free estimates and professional services.

Serving Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester County & NJ

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