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AI Security Cameras


​AI security cameras are specialized network IP cameras that perform advanced analytical functions such as vehicle detection, person detection, face detection, traffic counting, people counting, and license plate recognition (LPR). These artificial intelligence functions are achieved using highly advanced video analytics software that is built-in to the camera and recorder they are connected to. Technico AI cameras can be used as a stand-alone device by recording to an SD card, or they can be connected to a Technico network video recorder (NVR) to create a multi-camera AI system that records to a central hard drive. Please note that only certain models are capable of license plate recognition / automated number plate recognition (ANPR).

  • How are AI security cameras used? - One of the most popular uses for AI cameras is to use the object detection functionality to trigger video recording and alarm alerts, such as mobile app push notifications. Other popular uses include people counting, facial recognition, and license plate reader / automatic number place recognition.

  • Can Technico AI cameras be used with hybrid DVRs? - Unfortunately not. Although all Technico IP cameras are compatible with our Technico hybrid BNC DVRs, the AI software is ONLY included on the NVRs.

  • What about 3rd party NVRs? Is the AI functionality compatible with NVRs from other manufacturers? - Unfortunately, not. You must use an invid IP camera NVR if you want to take advantage of the AI software built into these cameras.

  • Are 4K resolution AI cameras available? - At this time, 4mp resolution is the max resolution for Viewtron AI cameras. However, CCTV Camera Pros expects our 4KAI camera product line to be ready in 2022.

  • Do the camera models with built-in audio surveillance microphones require an additional cable? - No. The audio from the built-in microphones runs over the network using the existing network cable that the camera uses for video and PoE.

  • Does people detection work with children and toddlers? Yes. The human detection function works with small and large people.

  • Instead of continuous video recording, can you record only when alarm events are triggered? Yes, you can set up recording only when events occur, such as object detection. Or you can record 24/7 at a lower resolution and frame rate and higher resolution and frame rate during AI-triggered alarm events like people detection.

  • Are there any ongoing subscription or software licensing fees? No, there is not any type of maintenance or software license fees.

  • Can the camera data be accessed outside the local network (LAN)? Remote access to view your cameras is 100% optional. It is up to you if you want to enable remote access from the mobile apps for PC software. And if you do, a user name and password is required to access.

  • Is there any dependency on any external servers/cloud service for the AI functions? No. technico surveillance systems are self-contained. All of the software runs on IP cameras and NVR. Neither of them needs to be connected to the Internet.

  • Can I use AI cameras on all NVR channels? Yes. Our 8ch, 16ch, and 32ch NVRs support AI cameras on all channels.

  • Can I get a push notification on my phone when an alarm is triggered? Yes. All of the AI events supported by Technico AI cameras support the ability to trigger a push notification to the Android and iPhone mobile apps. Watch this video to see a person detection alarm trigger a push notification.

  • Can a single AI camera perform more than one type of AI function simultaneously? No. Each AI camera can only perform one type of AI function. For example, one camera CAN NOT be setup to perform facial recognition detection and vehicle detection simultaneously at the same time.

  • Do all Technico AI cameras support license plate recognition and detection? No. Only our specialized LPR camera supports license plate recognition and detection. You can find more information and complete license plate recognition systems here.

  • Does technico Security supply any auto-tracking PTZ cameras with AI? Yes. You can watch a video demo of our auto-tracking PTZ camera here.

  • Are AI-triggered events displayed in real-time? - Watch this video to learn how to enable the target detection window on Technico NVRs. The target detection window is a pane on the right side of the live view that displays a thumbnail list of AI events triggered on the NVR.

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